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Viewbook 2016 cover

(.pdf, 8.8MB)

 National Viewbook Cover

National Viewbook
(.pdf, 4.8MB)

International Viewbook Cover

International Viewbook 
(.pdf, 2.2MB)

Acknowledgment Brochure 2017

Acknowledgement Brochure
for Ontario Applicants
(.pdf, 8.6MB)

Acknowledgment Brochure 2017

Acknowledgment Brochure
for National & International Applicants
(.pdf, 8.4MB)

First Year Calendar 2017

First Year Calendar
(.pdf, 3.8MB)

Mature and Transfer Student Guide 2017

Mature and Transfer Student Guide
(.pdf, 2.7MB)

Transfer to Western Brochure

Transfer to Western Brochure
(.pdf, 1.6MB)

Faculty Publications

Arts Viewbook Cover

Arts & Humanities
(.pdf, 7.2MB)

Engineering Viewbook Cover

(.pdf, 4.3MB)

 Health Sciences Viewbook Cover

Health Sciences
(.pdf, 561KB)

Music Viewbook Cover

Don Wright Faculty of Music
(.pdf, 424KB)

Science Viewbook Cover

(.pdf, 8.6MB)

Social Science Viewbook Cover

Social Science
(.pdf, 1.4MB)

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